Let’s see what happens

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  1. I legitimately came to your post the minute I heard the news drop of Vince retiring. This has been one crazy day, and it’s not even the weekend yet.

  2. What ever they accuse him of I believe it man’s was wild in the WWF days 😂😂

  3. Someone needs to please make a full list of all the major resignations we’ve seen since 2020 it will really put things into perspective for the doomer and normie crowd who don’t know that the Storm has arrived ⛈️

  4. He’s close with DJT, if I’m not mistaken, so I presume he’s being protected. They tried to cancel him so many times. This is interesting. I’m sure the marks (wrestling super fans) are going to be very happy when they hear about this.

  5. Sean H

    So this is what Scavinos post was for the other day huh? Track resignations!!

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