Lin Wood
The Deep State Mockingbird propagandists
have done their best to brand me as a leader
of “the QAnon movement.”
Are you kidding me?
I am not a government insider. I am only an
outside observer of Q. I guess that makes me
one of millions of Anons.
I only follow and trust Jesus. Not Q.
In the exercise of discernment and the search
for TRUTH, I have formed an opinion that Q
speaks truth. I know that I agree with the
principles of Q in its fight against child sex
trafficking, pedophilia, and satanic rituals.

I believe that Anons are like me. They
research the information provided from Q
drops. I am generally familiar with Q drops
from others as I do not study them and am
way behind in trying to interpret them.
I think I can be fairly be described as an Anon.
I believe that “QAnon” is likely a Deep State
operation constructed to discredit Q and the
Am I right? Time will tell. And only God knows.
I put my faith and trust in God. Not any other
person or organization. But I try on Earth to
follow and pay attention to those who I
discern are doing God’s will.

Linn is going off and shouting out the anons love to see it

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    The Lost Gospel Q – Original Sayings of Jesus introduced by Thomas Moore & Marcus Borg.

  2. He believes QAnon is a deep state operation but yet he believes in Q and considers himself an Anon? Am I reading this correctly? Yep….Lin is losing himself. He hit a rabbit hole thats got him rattled

  3. almanzab22

    Exactly!! And when he was on that phone call with Flynn, Flynn referred to it as “qanon” as well. And that is deep state not “q”. I see what he did there

  4. jeffstuds8051

    It pains me when ppl cant figure the massive difference between Qanon (i call them Qanals) and Q. Love how Lin uses the clear separation

  5. momof3ak

    There is Q and there are Anons. There is no QAnon – that’s an MSM construct. Words matter.

  6. globoyyjaay

    So basically he’s calling out QAnon and saying that’s different from Q. Is that what Flynn did in that voice message when he tried to discredit Q? Or is Flynn really against Q

  7. ncognito76

    I mean…. I couldn’t have paid 1k$ to have my exact feelings put into words. Nothing but love, I’ve said for over a year “discernment will be our greatest tool”

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