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  1. michelle.anst

    How much more obvious can they make this bullshit?

  2. jenrusp

    Okayyyyyy sure. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  3. ivybeth_k

    Would love to see the fine print and details of this “study”…🙄

  4. mrs.ashleysharp

    What?! Effective in potentially causing irreparable damage to their bodies?!?

  5. 4ever.learning

    This is wrong, unethical, and dangerous!

  6. ateammommy825

    I mean if the kids were already 100% NOT effected by the virus how can they tell there was a diff? Lmao

  7. calindsey96

    Amazing that their natural immunity is also 100% effective!

  8. kalashnikar

    It helps that they were already defeating the virus 99.99999% of the time…

  9. dianadeathofficial

    When has anything ever been 100% effective? (X) doubt

  10. heweymedia

    Natural antibodies have found to be effective in 12 year olds almost 100% of the time…

  11. laughter_is_good_medicine

    Key word “effective” they didn’t say “safe” they said effective for a reason. It’s doing the job they created it to do which is reduce population .

  12. beawolfagain

    Has the FDA authorized the EUA for children? I think no.

  13. igobycasper

    Riiiiiiiiiiightttt *Dr.Evil voice*

  14. alvarofigaresfitness

    They mean 💯 effective in changing your DNA 🧬😢

  15. dbtruthseeker510

    From a company who was never a vaccine company wow I’m not impressed

  16. get.1n.the.ark

    At this point, effective for what exactly?

  17. robature

    McDonalds reports Big Macs are vital for childhood nutrition

  18. realgabriellefox

    Vicious lies. 100% effective at what? Sterilization?

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