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  1. h_cortez797

    I actually expect it to raise child poverty. Lol

  2. definitelynotkellly

    leave the kids alone, Hillary. We’ve seen what you do with them

  3. strawberry_up_top

    Democrats are the worst people on the planet

  4. americanagirl_45

    Stealing money from future generations that they’ll never be able to pay back is cutting poverty now? #bizzaroworld🤡

  5. lindsaypinsy_

    NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ..unless they’re a wayfair pillow/dresser kid

  6. karalynnae

    Um… only children getting hooked up aren’t even citizens

  7. homegrown.maine

    Except we are trillions of dollars in debt so that makes us rich how? Oh yeah that’s right the shadow government that makes money off of drug, human/child and weapons trafficking…Blackmail, theft, deals with corporations, groups and other countries…

  8. rjo914

    My in-laws tried to spew the old we’re the richest country lies. I told them if we’re so rich, why are we continually borrowing money from other countries? 🦗🦗

  9. theinventionofsarcasm

    Hillary knows there’s no child poverty if you just eat children. Moloch problems require Moloch solutions.

  10. bluntmaster42069

    “Richest country in the world”. Oh man. People still believe that shit?

  11. hammeranvil

    As they let illegal children pour over our borders to create more poverty here ..

  12. thr3putt

    10.4% poverty rate under trump… lowest in history. Stfu killary

  13. noknocks18784

    Dead accurate about eyebrows. Some are raised some are drawn on.

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