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  1. samsvisualsllc

    So happened to the bat 🦇 lol

  2. paxtondunford

    Rand Paul ended the virus when he called out fauci

  3. c_heaven18

    And was developed in that Wuhan laboratory with funding for gain of function by…

  4. terri_berdechowski

    Fake news late to the party 🙄

  5. voiceofthe2nd

    The true story would have benefited a trump re-election. They couldn’t have that.

  6. kalashnikar

    They got what they wanted: Trump out of office and a destroyed economy. 👌🏽

  7. sicsmper

    … wait until they find out it was intentional 🕶

  8. jimmyjamny

    I’ll take Trump was right again for $300 Alec

  9. 1680sanderslt

    @the_real_savage_nation @dailycaller @adriannormandc @thepostmillennial @news.leaks @donaldjtrumpjr @realdonaldtrump

  10. _prairie_girl_

    Next stop: it was intentional ???

  11. 1680sanderslt

    Can I just point out the OUTFIT in the picture needed to prevent the spread of a VIRUS but #drfauci and the #liberalmedia #liberap #doctors telling us masks work?!?!?!?!? @wearebreitbart @gatewaypundit @theangelastanton

  12. television.was.called.books

    The Circleback virus😂

  13. hethatiswithinher

    Wait till the concede the Nov 4 election

  14. thehumboldtshelf

    I prefer “corona” which translates to the crown. We should all bow to the great Dominion 🙌

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