Looks like Senator John Cornyn may have accidentally revealed the SCOTUS nominee is ACB, but I am not confirming until I hear it from Trump

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  1. hoodservative

    She better answer for her lockdown ruling

  2. wm89_jmj_

    Considering the lockdown ruling, I’m unsure of her excellence as judge. I’m now rooting for Lagoa

  3. alexsandrovichmark

    Actually I’m sorry DEVASTATING NIGHTMARE pick

  4. wlganan

    I hope she supports anti vaccination folks! Freedom to decline vaccination!

  5. 1cratexan

    I’m sure he’s alerting his deep state buddies….Texas really needs to get rid of this useless cuck.

  6. stanlashley

    Fox News reported it earlier this afternoon. ?

  7. agoldenthicket

    nope she just sides with leftist institutions of corporation and government. she’s a lockdown commie and a fake Catholic like Roberts. she’s a power whore.

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