Lots of chatter that the color purple has been selected by the cabal in reference to their color revolution. My friend @eyesontheright3.0 has covered this extensively.


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  1. leaky_anus

    Hillary wore purple 4 years ago on election day.

  2. peterson.us

    The left is so fucking dramatic! Jill’s degree is far from a doctor so people please stop giving her credit like she is an MD or a practicing physician!

  3. tarazona7

    Not a fuccin Coincidence and I’m really fed up!

  4. lovelaughlupus

    is she wearing latex gloves?!!!

  5. imjonwells

    Purple usually represents royalty….usually. 🤣

  6. 22nikz

    It’s the same thing Killary and BC did when she conceded. Purple is their signature color for sure

  7. dsernabledesigns77

    The purple is an MK ultra trigger color.. They are activating the sleeper cells using purple. This is a fact.

  8. pretschie_71

    Illuminati color of satanic symbolism. Why do I feel like hubby is going to be sacrificed tomorrow? They said there would be a false flag and blame it on Trump supporters so they could take away our guns

  9. metzlife

    Crossword puzzle clue: four letter word rhymes with runt

  10. bridgetd138

    Oh no I love purple 😭 time to find a new color. God help this country. Call me crazy but I’m still not giving up hope. I feel Trump was ready for this & wont just let this all happen. He told us for months the election was going to be massive fraud & foreign interference. I’ve been praying all day

  11. carrielikethemovie80

    Purple is the colour of deception

  12. lizzyv84

    Effie trinket from hunger games vibes

  13. krazy_kracker_770

    🖕 them & their Color Revolution

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