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Trump announces criticism of Senator McConnell

After the defeat of the second impeachment of President Trump, President Trump resurrected with full blood and criticized Senate McConnell. “If McConnell dominates the Republican Party, it cannot be respected or strengthened forever,” Trump said. McConnell’s lack of political acumen, wisdom, know-how and individuality led him to focus only on maintaining the status quo and fell from the majority party leader to the minority party leader.”

This warning was uncovered by stating that “McConnell did not hesitate to stab a fox on both legs and stabbing it behind his back”. McConnell tricked President Trump into expressing his support for the re-election of his senator, but he made no contribution to the election fraud, and the Democratic Party passed only 600 dollars instead of 2000 suggested by the Republican Party in support of the corona crisis. Lost two key senators in. He also mentioned that his family is very close to the CCP and has a very close business relationship.

Trump President, Republican Renovation total war

President Trump won a tremendous victory during his tenure, and in 2020, he helped the Republican Party secure 15 seats in the House of Representatives, seeking at least 12 seats in the Senate. The Revelation Revolution proposed to President Trump to define the CCP virus as a biological and chemical weapon before the presidential election, but it was not accepted. President Trump believed in a swamp and eventually lost his chance to reappoint.

After the presidential election, Trump has thoroughly grasped the true face of the Republican Gunzei sect and the CCP. This time, the Gunzei sect must change. Through this statement, he shouted to the Republican Party that the Gunzei sect must break up with McConnell to maintain Republican support. This suggests that President Trump thinks it is difficult to drain the water from the swamp, so he would rather use a strategy of “knowing the swamp and using the swamp and changing the swamp.” Even today, President Trump’s popularity in the Republican Party remains. In the midterm elections of 2022, if Republican primaries fail to win President Trump’s support, the winners will be much less.

Namhwa Morning Post《SCMP》ZhiAttack of Dr. Jen Limeng with the Chinese tone

《SCMP》Zhi under Ma Yun, a Chinese propaganda tool, posted an article accusing Dr. Yan’s report of pointing out the CCP virus as a biological weapon as a conspiracy theory and a fake science. The foreign media that the CCP had bought so far did not object to the arguments and arguments of Dr. Yan in the essay writing, and they were not pleased with sticking out their heads for the CCP. He accused him of being supported by “anti-Chinese forces” such as (Ko Wen-貴) and Steve Bannan, and said that it was linked to the anti-Chinese movement from Hong Kong to China.

Yuan Guoyung’s actions aimed for the CCP to cover up and hide the corona truth

The actions of Hong Kong microbiologist Professor Yuan Guo-Yong once again proved that the CCP concealed the truth of the coronavirus.As early as at the end of December 2019, Professor Yuan Guo-Yung had already warned the Hong Kong Health Minister to be cautious of the Wuhan outbreak. It is known that there is a possibility of a pandemic due to the similarity between Wasas, but no presentation was held. In fact, Yuan Guoyung said that from his 2003 experience, the CCP virus would not cause much damage, but the CCP was a hit in the face.

Yen Doctoral Paper, In the office name Leave that

Einstein laughed at his partners as soon as four great papers were published in 1905, and eventually proved to be groundbreaking logic. Dr. Yan’s thesis is still being eaten by the Communist Party, the media, and scientists, but the truth is only one. On January 19, 2020, Dr. Yan revealed the truth concealment of the CCP, virus transmission, major explosions, violent mutations, and leaks from the CCP laboratory through Luther on January 19, 2020.The first paragraphs 1-4 have already been verified, and even the last point. It will be verified.


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