What’s happening with the Canadian? #TruckersConvoy2022 We just gunna let that get swept under the rug and not talk about it anymore bc they distracted us with a war in Ukraine?

All important questions to ask… 💨

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  1. Kat

    I’m sitting on the side of I 10 in Beaumont Texas with other like minded Americans waiting for the freedom convoy to come through. Flag in hand. 🇺🇸🚛🚚🛻

  2. Def not choreographed. One of my artists is from there and their building was blown up 😢 it’s real. Idk Whats going on but hope it’s ends soon.

  3. Referring to the Canadian convoy: I said this yesterday! Friend told me a lot of guys got beat up by cops and a lot of them are trying to get their rigs out of impound. The truckers aren’t done. There’s more in the works.

  4. Anonymous

    Could it be that Russia is the last standing country who doesn’t want to be controlled by the new world order? I heard they do not have a centralized bank. Unlike all countries run by the Roth$child bank. I mean it could be more than this but Putin had an eye opening message about the real truth about the west sick pedophilia ring and satanism agenda.

  5. Not to mention the lack of coverage of the released Pfizer data and the 9 pages of adverse events by the MSM.

  6. Within 6 months the true global war of good vs evil will begin. Stock up on mres and water folks. Get your ammo and arms in order.

  7. They’ve made automaton sheep out of sooooo many I’m coming around to the whole “depopulation” idea just to wipe the slate clean of the useless chaf………

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