He is dead at 63. Notice the overlap with ‘Houma-Thibodaux.’

Notice, Mario E. Dorsonville was Jesuit educated, having attended the Pontifical Xavierian University.
Houma-Thibodaux=72, Jesuit Order=72

His date of death can be written 19/1, like 191.
Society of Jesus=191

He died 274 days after his consecration anniversary, April 20.
Jesus Savior of Men=274

He died on the 69th day of the Superior General’s age.
Catholic Church=69, The Jesuit Order=69, Illuminati=69

He also died on the kill date, January 19, 2024.
64, 44 & 28 date numerology
Kill=64, 44 & 28

He died in his 64th year of life.

His death date, January 19, can be written 1/19.
Vatican=119, Francis=119

He died on the 34th day of Pope Francis age.
Francis=34, Maryland=34, *Murder=34

And in light of him dying the day before the Baltimore Ravens game, his name gematria stands out. As you might know, there is a big “206” thing going on with the very Catholic Harbaugh brothers.
Mario E. Dorsonville=206, *Sacrifice=206


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