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An attorney for Missouri Republican primary candidate for US Senate Eric Greitens on Thursday filed four subpoenas to obtain the phone records of those involved in new allegations of 2018 domestic abuse.

“Political operatives should not be weaponizing our court system to try and gain political points through putting out false information,” Greitens’ attorney Timothy Parlatore told Just the News.

Operatives, including as conservative political consultant Karl Rove, “took advantage of” Sheena Greitens, who was in an “emotionally vulnerable state” after the divorce, to create the abuse allegations, Parlatore said.

The candidate’s ex-wife Sheena Greitens filed an affidavit in their child custody case last week to change the custody management from Missouri to her new home state of Texas. She signed an affidavit in 2020 in support of joint custody that said there was no “genuine issue of material fact” in the case. She had lost two recent rulings on moving states for the child custody management. Sheena Greitens claimed in her affidavit in the child custody case last week that the former Missouri governor abused her and their children when they were still married in 2018.

“It defies common sense [to] think that she had this stuff, and she decided, ‘You know what, I’m gonna save my best material. Because two years from now, I’m going to file a procedural motion to transfer jurisdiction. And that’s what I’m going to use it all,'” Parlatore said.

“It makes no sense. The reality is, she’s never made any of these allegations before,” the attorney noted. “And it wasn’t until after she started talking with Karl Rove that all of a sudden, this comes out at a critical time during the primary.”

Rove did not dispute contact with Sheena Greitens or political donors in a statement to Just the News on Tuesday.

While the Missouri primary is scheduled for Aug. 9, 2022, a Trafalgar Group poll from earlier this month shows Greitens ahead of all other GOP candidates with 30.5% of the vote with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt in second at 23%.

However, a new poll by Remington Research Group after the allegations surfaced show that Greitens has sunk to second at 21% with Schmitt ahead at 24%, The Washington Examiner reported.

“You’ve got dirty DC operatives that are trying to interfere in the people of Missouri’s choice for who they want to represent them,” Parlatore said.

The subpoenas should be served later this week to obtain phone records from Karl Rove, Sheena Greitens, her sister Catherine Linkul, and former Eric Greitens campaign manager Austin Chambers. Linkul works for Phil Cox, a close ally of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom Eric Greitens has called to remove from Senate GOP leadership.

“Look at the timing,” Parlatore said. He pointed to the fact that a former FBI agent pleaded guilty last week to witness tampering in the investigation of Greitens that lead him to resign as governor. He also said how St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberley Gardner “has been charged with multiple ethics violations” and has a hearing coming up.

He said that those who wronged Greitens are being held accountable and “this should be a an exoneration and a big win.” However, the attorney said that that’s why the accusations were made in the filing right now.

“Everything about this filing has the fingerprints of dirty politics on it,” Parlatore claimed. He also added that the accusations of abuse were “completely irrelevant” to the case, which only focused on the location of child custody.

Greitens is “absolutely” going to continue on in the Senate race, his attorney said.

“They want him dragged down into an ugly custody fight, because ultimately, the goal of this thing was to force him to end his campaign,” Parlatore said.

Ultimately, Eric Greitens wants to share joint custody of the children with his ex-wife.

“She’s in this terrible position,” Parlatore explained, saying that she was convinced to sign the false affidavit under penalty of perjury.

Even if Eric Greitens could use perjury charges against her, “he’s not going to do any of that stuff,” according to the attorney.

“The reality is that the best interest of his children are served by having both of their parents in their lives,” Parlatore said.

“The court may decide to impose some sanction on her for this, but that’s not something that Eric’s asking for,” the attorney noted. “Instead, he’s focusing on the people that put her up to this.”


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