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slide 8 dedicated to all the celeb gossip & symbolism “knowitalls”… more than what meets the eye (like anything else)

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  1. firstgenjake_

    Don’t stop buddy,great work🤙🏻

  2. camaral7_

    What about the ‘666’ in the CLB logo

  3. brynnosaurus_rex

    I really want drake to be one of the good guys 🤞🙏

  4. yungbramson

    What are these comms from the spirit realm? lol

  5. dancrickets

    🔥🔥🔥 Best Yet 🙌

  6. undercoverwhitehat

    Marching into the Darkness – lyrics.
    Follow the stars.
    It’s everywhere.

  7. gammybibi7177

    Also CLB
    17 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. liberalismbad

    Yeah that shit came up on Pandora yesterday first song on my way home from work. I lost it. Shit go toooooooooo HARD

  9. nate_sheffield

    Wanted to add that way 2 sexy comes to 124 so does Tower of Babel, micheal Jackson, trust god, Bobby Kennedy and so much more. It’s wild as fuck how much they know what there doin

  10. diceunstoppablelife09

    I watched it yesterday and hoooo’d when I seen the white 🎩 💯🎯

  11. trollassassinavenger

    He went old school boys to men water run dry video 😂

  12. vita_in_vitro

    IYRTITL still his best work imo. That whole project makes me nostalgic as hell thinking about my last year of college before i dropped out. As far as who drake is I never paid attention to him since I figured his fame came about from someone with less than ideal intentions. It would be really awesome if more pop culture figureheads unexpectedly turned out to be part of the plan, it would definitely help the sleepers transition

  13. gammybibi7177

    Is that an owl necklace on Drake in the 4th slide?

  14. jfren17

    Understanding the story of kanye and his mom and how she got sacrificed allegedly, My perception of Donda seems like he made the album with positive messages and name it after is mom, to make it so she didn’t die in vain. Just my opinion at da moment lol

  15. wv77_wvc1vs

    Spell casting..plain and simple, these are sorcerers hypnotizing the masses 🍕🐍🧙🏾🔮

  16. diallokhari

    Shit is so weird. I dont embrace none of these dudes. I just watch em like a sniper might.

  17. randomaccount015

    I agree that some of our most hated enemies will come out as our teammates low-key

  18. mista3rdeye

    Atp. They trying to hire masons 😂

  19. berwin_1331

    Bro I heard the future song come on yesterday and immediately said to @santanaaye that @kekouttahere is definitely gonna have some decodes from this one 😂 next day here we are

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