Mm. Where’s Kamala? Joe? Bid0ph1L€s? They been real quiet…

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  1. mso_2l

    Joe Baden is a horrible man who will be judged by God – these are children they don’t deserve this terror, I also think there parents are demonic fools to do this to them.

  2. kelly_green69

    😢 He’s scared to death, poor thing. Thank God the border patrol was there.

  3. staceytenbrink

    My heart literally is Absolutely Hurting as tears fill my eyes. I have a son and I truly couldn’t imagine how scared that little boy is. Lord please Protect these children Lord. Put your arms around them Jesus you are our True comforter

  4. sheesha_marie

    😢 parents just giving up kids? This is craxy

  5. mrsnayalmonte

    I think this one is old? I feel like I’ve seen this before. Or same story different child

  6. electricempire

    Just look at his eyes…so freakin sad and heartbreaking. To be abandoned and lost in another country at his age. 😢

  7. american_family1776

    My heart hurts so so deeply. How can we help these abandoned kids? The mom in me wants me to go down to the border and save all the babies left there. 💔

  8. jtoss19

    😢😢😢 This should not be happening to these children

  9. ashleyannepaintingsanddecor

    Pray for the children

  10. ed23freezy

    So irresponsible of the parents that send these kids alone all to get some sympathy from the world. They put their kids in harms way so that the politicians can soften their hearts and just open the borders to anyone regardless of their criminal history.

  11. danaendelaney

    Biden policies complicit in crimes against humanity.

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Mm. Where’s Kamala? Joe? Bid0ph1L€s?  They been real quiet…