Mom is a hs teacher now on administrative leave

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  1. _meltingpots_

    This “mother” is brought to you courtesy of CNN and MSNBC fear mongering tactics.

  2. kflora76

    Crazy, this is what she did to her own child. Imagine what she would have done to other people’s children.

  3. dennizart5

    Wow the level of insanity of this 🐏🐑🐑are crazy

  4. young_yid

    She prob really thought she was doing the right thing. But what the fuck do I know. I didn’t read shit. Idk if this is real. Idk if you are real. Idk even know if what I’m saying is what I think or just another NPC

  5. dbuzz_00

    She should be fired, she has mental issues and what she did to her own son is child endangerment.

  6. devi.ldog661

    The child was removed from the mother…right?!😡

  7. roddjesse

    😮.. People are straight up brainwashed now days! It’s insane!

  8. ericmorgan4

    And people wonder why our kids are fucked up

  9. ceeeeeeeeeelo

    I hate people more and more everyday!!!!!

  10. omg_elleauxelle

    It really is a mental disorder

  11. gail510_2.0

    Houston is Texas’ Seattle. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. kimber_leeeee

    These lefties r sick & beyond evil 👹

  13. cea_shore

    I’m in Houston give me this c🔕nts name

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