Soon-to-be AG Rosen recently wrote an essay on foreign influence in US

“foreign actors are covertly trying to undermine confidence in our elections”

“malign foreign influence efforts in our elections has been a perennial

Remarks of Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen…
Thank you for hosting me today. What I want to talk
about is malign foreign influence in U.S. elections. .


The error rate scanning ballots in Antrim County, Michigan was 68.0596.

Dominion Voting Systems are also used in Clark County, Nevada.

Clark County, Nevada election officials also *HAPPENED* to report an error
scanning “ABOUT OF BALLOTS”.

All mail ballots in Clark County were counted first by running them through a digital scanner. If the
scanner cannot read the ballot or determine the voter’s intent. the ballot is sent to an adjudication or
duplication team. both of which are overseen by a bipartisan election board. County elections officials
have said about 70 percent of ballots are sent to be reviewed by elections officials.

Source by Obiwan’s Rage

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More Election Manipulation: “70 percent of ballots are sent to be reviewed by elections officials”