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Sounds like Myanmar.

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  1. andrea.the.patriot

    Dog comms by Dana Perino? She went from staunch conservative pre-2020 election to mouthing d.s. twaddle after the election. Are they announcing her life termination…or possible arrest for crimes against humanity? Strange, considering the fact that her and her dog popped into my head yesterday. Haven’t thought about her in months and months…

  2. smiley_jake08

    I’m sadden for Dana’s loss. He was an amazing dog.

  3. shannonheick

    I added myself to this meme. Check it out in my stories 😂

  4. kosta_556762

    I was wondering when you’d be back fren.. I got banned from the twatter and ig a few times. Glad I found you. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. deniseclepper

    Global scale of election fraud to push their itinerary

  6. benkfbr392

    Have the Myanmar dancing girl and frog mariachi band report to Guinea post haste.

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Sounds like Myanmar.