Must watch


Must watch


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  1. He sold his soul for the job he doesn’t care what he says or what happens because of it as long as he gets paid.

  2. ccarvey

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t sleep at night. ???? he’s been bought and paid for.

  3. eat_me1776

    We entered Clown World, Stage II, about 1.5 months ago in Minneapolis. Stage I was the “funny haha liberal agenda is so easily exposed and mockable, Bozo the Clown era.” Now, Stage II is the, “Joker Christian Bale, Jared Leto and Broke Back Mountain era!

  4. baker.gram

    ???? Only 7 years ago… all those lies have taken their toll. Shame Terry Crews isnt on his show after seeing that.

  5. Everyone is scared or afraid to offend a black person, problem is I work in NYC I work with a ton of black union brothers they don’t feel this way. The media has everyone brain washed into walking in egg shells around black oriole. Yes there are a few scumbags who cry about everything and those are the ones CNN usually gets, but you talk to a union dues paying member in NY most like Trump most will vote for trump. Fuck the media and everything they stand for. Fox News is dog shit too I’ll only watch it at night because of Tucker and Hannity

  6. IF YOU ARE WEARING A MASK, and 6 feet away from me…. why should it matter I am not WEARING A MASK? Ever ask your self that. ? How could I POSSIBLY BE INFECTING YOU ? Wake up you FUCKING SHEEP !!!!

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