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My team thinks there is a distinct possibility of a communications blackout of some kind coming.
I am not entirely convinced, but I prefer to err’ on the side of caution. Plan accordingly, and remain calm if it should come to pass. Whatever happens, happens; so maintain course and stay calm either way. We have certainly faced worse than some silence. 🙂

***Parler is likely to be shutdown within 24 hours, so along with the millions of others out there; I suggest joining Gab. You will find me there with the same name and profile picture as here, as well as many many other friends.
Gab is not in play stores, and uses its own servers. Therefore it is, at least in theory, less prone to bow to corporate censorship.
It may be slow as their servers adjust to the weight of millions and millions of new users.
You will find instructions on how to install the app from a browser, further down on my posts. Otherwise Gab (dot) com will take you there.
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