Narrative busting polls

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  1. mccrearycottageco

    Let Biden govern as if he actually got 81M votes. 2022 will be entertaining.

  2. in_scareo

    There’s actually 36% polled who want more taxes and government….that’s a pretty high rate of stupidity🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. mmartin112298

    That kooky 🤡 Rachel Maddass has views. Damn libtards are sad.

  4. albydrama

    I’d love to see the clowns that actually watch Rachel Maddow… 😂

  5. ababbooski_

    How do you participate in these polls? I want to be a part the ones saying that Biden is an absolute disgrace

  6. adventuresofgregorio

    Those numbers make more sense then what everyone else is putting out.

  7. kkeremes

    This really shows how the left has been able to dominate the narrative with the media. The minority opinion has convinced Americans to support candidates that they completely disagree with in order to fight the “evil” right.

  8. dimitries_dream

    Seems divided and much that Trump won

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