Navy Seals And U.S. Marines Rescue 2,100 Children From California Underground Bases

Reports of explosions occurred in Northern California during PG&E’s power outage.

Is-Rael Landes 10/17/2019


Army Dawson & Pentagon Insider 


Navy seals and U.S. Marines rescued 2,100 children from California underground bases.


Northern California’s power outage on Oct. 9th  may have provided cover for the operation.



Witness Testimony:

“The information im giving you has come from my source at the pentagon…” Army Dawson



TheFuglyAmerican Reports:

“I’ve been following this for a few days and the pieces seem to fit from many different threads.

Here is my pure speculation but grounded in quite a few facts. The white hats had PG&E turn off power to Northern California, they then canvassed the entire area with helicopters equipped with LIDAR* technology that is basically like ground penetrating radar but it detects metal, hollows, concrete and especially electricity.

With all legitimate electricity turned off it was easy for them to scan below ground, quadrant by quadrant to detect the exact locations of the tunnel systems connecting DUMBS in California to Utah or where ever else because the tunnels still had power which runs on their own power grid. The underground power network was being masked by the above ground electrical network

After they mapped out the exact locations the next day there were 5 simultaneous explosions caught on satellite in the mountains and waste lands.

My theory is the tunnel systems were collapsed and they cut off the bases from one another in key strategic locations. The power being cut to 2 million homes was absolutely necessary to pinpoint the still active electrical pathways in the tunnel systems. This is war ladies and gentlemen and the deep state just got served a hardy defeat.

Look at the facts of what has occurred recently. The military has been training for subterranean battle, troops pulled out of Syria and the Turks are given the go ahead to wipe out the last vestiges of the deep state in Syria amongst the Kurds, the Chi-Coms are booted out of Long Beach Port, our 2nd largest and most strategic shipping port, deep state goons being arrested and outed everywhere from Federal judges to Politicians and corporate sociopaths.

This is war, make no mistake it is a war between the non-corrupted military and the NSA against the CIA and the deep state communists. It is full on war but the main stream media propaganda machine will not report it so it is a secret war being fought with technology, law, subterfuge, propaganda, black mail, murder and yes, bullets, bombs and banks.

I’m loving it.

*LIDAR stands for Light Imaging distance and ranging. it can’t see through solid objects.”


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