This news breaks on Steph Curry’s birthday, the man with a wife from Toronto and who had a father that played for the Raptors. Today, Steph Curry turns 36 *Toronto=36 & 36. *IHS=36

RJ Barrett went to college in North Carolina, like Steph Curry. And as this news broke, Duke tipped off against the North Carolina Wolfpack in the ACC college basketball tournament (see below).

Curry lost to the Raptors in the NBA Finals in the 72nd anniversary season. That was the 73rd overall season, and Curry’s birthday is typically the 73rd day of the year, except leap years.

Today is 263 days after Dell Curry’s 59th birthday (263, 56th prime)

This year, March 14, 2024, or Pi Day, falls on the 74th day of the year.
-His birthday is 14/6, like 146 *Jesus Christ=146 & 74

The 85th March Madness is about to get underway, going with the tournament name changing in ’85, and the Jesuit school, Georgetown, losing to the Catholic school, Villanova.
Basketball=85 *Christ=85 *Crucify=85

This news breaks 17 days before Easter begins, March 31. *NBA=17, *Kill=17

The Raptors next game is against the “Magic,” in Orlando, where LeBron won his fourth championship, after Kobe’s death, a man who also won his fourth championship vs. Orlando. Never mind that Kobe Bryant died 201 days from Magic Johnson’s birthday.
Orlando=34, 38, 79
Murder=34, 38, 79

His former school, Duke, is 24-7, while the Illuminati and the United States are 247 years old.

Today is 142 days after the NBA season began.

The season began on the day leaving 68 days in the year.

Remember, the Gregorian Calendar was established in a big JESUIT 68 ritual.

There are now “68 teams” in March Madness, a term coined in ’85. And again, the 85th tournament starts soon.

Duke University=85 & 175 *Phoenix, Arizona=85 & 175 (Where Final Four is)

And again, this news broke as the Duke game tipped off vs. North Carolina State.

Last, notice the overlap with Nathan Barrett and NC State Wolfpack.

The championship this year is in Arizona on April 8, or 8/4. *Barrett=84 *Arizona=84 *Jesuit=84


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