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  1. 000lae000

    You threw me back to the midnight club era on the ps2 hahaha poppin themmmmm thangsssss lololol

  2. What if a person who believes in Christ and wants the best for our world holding down our light to attack evil forces what do we call them ? Not new age are they the Golden race ? Or just call us Christ’s disciples ❤️ clarifying for the confused star seeds who may not know yet and hold the best intentions

  3. K so people who believe in New age stuff are in danger? You guys claim that these angels or ascended masters or whatever are actually deceptive demons. Right? Seems like if you’re right, these demons really suck at stopping the great awakening. So my question is how are they a threat? Serious question. Seems like a tribal primitive way to look at things from my perspective. And if Jesus was perfect and understood all, why would he care what people believed as long as their hearts intentions were pure. Imo everything he said is voided when you place him on an alter.

  4. foxy_phoenix82

    @ltcolwendy can stfu now. We are still mad she ain’t hanging for allowing Phoenix Arizona to happen so long. Being the rank you advertise expecting respect you should have spoke up sooner. No deals for trying to cover your Traitor a$$. I put $ because that’s all you seem worried about.

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