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  1. polishlynx

    Hospitals restricting lifesaving medicine = Crimes against humanity

  2. 1doherty4

    Cardinals and blue jays have been around me constantly this past week. (Red, white, and blue) The female cardinals especially (Lady Liberty) God has not forsaken us yet… because we have not forsaken ourselves, yet.

  3. kosta_556762

    “So you’re just gonna continue to take ivermectin and a multivitamin to cure yourself from Covid?” Me: “makes horse noises”

  4. redxpen

    Ya know, i used to believe that people in government and authority positions got there because they were the best in their field. 😐🤣

  5. hokkaido_homestead_alex

    They want to harvest the organs. 6 weeks is too small.

  6. bobby_in_brooklyn

    Its our duty to ensure those names on the St.Lukes staff letter are sitting in a Nuremburg trial soon.

  7. the_strangle_is_real

    What is the PBSR? He posted that on gab too

  8. deniseclepper

    The question is why is it okay to use on refugees but not for cov, when it apparently works. Smelling 🦬🐂💩💩

  9. topdeadsinner

    What makes code monkey credible? I genuinely want to know no hate Intended.

  10. enig_mayne

    I can see Nuremberg 2 coming over the hill, like a monster, like a monster.👊

  11. elisasouci

    Slide 4 is f’d up. They stop at nothing. 😤

  12. crdnlsyn13

    Slide 7 👏👏👏👏👏 TRUTH

  13. malgorzataskibinska

    That portrait doe! 😂🔥

  14. val.babbs

    Last slide 🔥❤️🙌✊🇺🇸

  15. choo_e_choo

    Orlando Regional Medical Center hospitals also sent out letter about IVM. I’m sure they all are

  16. henrymark1638

    God protect and guide you Mr President.

  17. gretsch_golf

    CM is on a short leash with me but all will be forgiven if something comes out of this cryptic post

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