Who’s Wants Your Passwords!?

by Is-Rael Landes 12/4/18

State Senator Kevin Parker of New York recently drafted a bill that would “mandate that applicants provide investigators with their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram passwords and access to their Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.” (The Washington Times) This is an “infringement” on our second amendment right to bear arms and will be struck down by any constitutional court of law.


What do you think?

Should we allow states to go as far as invading our privacy by retrieving our usernames and passwords, all in efforts to regulate gun control?


If we don’t stand up against attempts from governments limiting individual rights in NYC, the president will be set for other states.


Clearly, this is not the answer to gun control as the “right to bear arms” was intended to protect the individual from any totalitarian regime from uprising without resistance from the citizens. If the time were to ever come where we needed to weaponize the civilian population in order to reclaim our government gone rogue, this power is invested to us in the Bill of Rights, and will always remain present.

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