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Although Russia’s war for invasion of Ukraine marked the 14th day on March 9 (local time), the evacuation of Koreans from Ukraine was still delayed, drawing criticism both at home and abroad.

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The CCP government declared that it had rescued all Chinese nationals in Ukraine by chartered plane since early March, and Chinese state officials reported that they had also attached a CCP propaganda photo of evacuation of Koreans.

However, as a result of comparative analysis of comrades in the ‘Exposure Revolution’, the three Chinese state media photos published in the Ukrainian evacuation news were identical to the 2011 North Africa, 2016 New Zealand evacuation, and Indian Ukrainian evacuation. Meanwhile, Guo Wengui (郭文貴) said in a live broadcast, “There was no relief work for Koreans in China. “He said.

In response, the comrades said that the CCP’s withdrawal of Ukrainian citizens was still consistent as a ‘fake scam’, and that all news was just a show to show to the local residents.

참고링크: The first batch of Chinese students evacuated from Kyiv. The route selection was very careful, and they took a chartered flight from a third country to return home.

News source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/2138050/

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