I’ve been saying for over three years that Donald Trump is coming back in a Grover Cleveland ritual. Today, he is another giant step closer to that becoming true.
Grover=77 (Trump is 77-years-old)
Cleveland=78 (Trump will turn 78 on June 14, 2024)

Today is 266 days after Trump’s birthday (or 38 weeks).
Election=38 *Colorado=38 *DC on the 38th Parallel
Jesus Savior of Men=266

The name Grover Cleveland fits with the 38 pattern.
Grover Cleveland=163 (38th primary)

Today is the 81st day of Pope Francis’ age, the 266th Pope.
President Trump=81, President Biden=81
Ritual=81 & 81

It is also 80 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Grover Cleveland=80

Today is also 115 days after the Superior General’s birthday, reminding us that the election is on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day (Jesuit), and Trump once took office with the 115th Congress. Plus, the 115th World Series was synced with him, and we recently had the Colorado Court Building shooting at 1:15 AM, after Trump was taken off the ballot on December 19, 2023. Go figure today is 78 days since that ruling, going with Trump turning 78 on June 14, and there being 78 Tarot Cards in the deck.

For one more, don’t forget Trump was interview by Oprah about the presidency in 1988, on April 25, typically the 115th day of the year. So yes, it’s been planned for that long.

For one more, today is Nikki Haley’s 47th day of her age.
Trump=47, President=47, White House=47, Government=47, Authority=47, Republican=47, etc.

And don’t overlook her birthday is Inauguration Day. She will turn 53 January 20, 2025, and her resignation comes on 53 date numerology. *3/6/2024=3+6+20+24=53

January 20 is the 201st day of the nation’s age. *The Jesuit Order=201 *Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201

Recall, Trump buried his ex-wife on the 201st day of the year, July 20, 2022. And from his wife’s death, July 14, 2022, to today, is exactly a span of 86 weeks. Think about it.
Jesuits=86, Blood Sacrifice=86, Human Sacrifice=86



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