NTD News: Now that Democrat appointee Gary Gensler is in charge of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he’s removing the entire board of the formerly Republican-led Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)—a very rare occurrence. The PCAOB oversees the audits of over 7,000 companies to make sure their financial statements are accurate.

Source: populistgop

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  1. esb63

    Wow! This is happening in plain fucking site!! WAKE THE FUCK UP people!!

  2. esb63

    And IG flagged me for a post saying “this is happening in plain fucking site. WAKE THE FUCK UP people!”

  3. victor1223

    This is all part of the “Great Reset”. Be ready.

  4. duchesscln

    Setting up for the next criminal act of the Biden Regime.

  5. randall_spencer

    Time to gangster the country.

  6. averyp58

    More socialist control by @thedemocrats

  7. johnvellone

    Time for 100 million tax paying people to stop paying taxes intel they start listening to us.

  8. buckley3310

    The communist takeover is almost complete

  9. jdrightway

    Hmmmm… thats what I would do if I knew stock prices were built on puppy dog and rainbow dreams.

  10. patriotgirl702


  11. carguy_cali

    No oversight? No police. What’s next? This is grave. Think China. Communism.

  12. 2bucket_list

    What will become 2022? Republicans can’t since those 💩💩s are control

  13. margannradz

    Let’s hope this is another trap for those c-a-bAL crooks not exposed yet.

  14. fartsoup1023

    That dude is a stone cold pedo. Fun fact: I’ve never missed on that accusation.

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