@CIA officer wears the adaptation of a literal Communist fist emblazoned on her shirt around the office in “recruitment” video.

What level of simulative insanity are we on?

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  1. dr.westsiiidesparty

    Because people are afraid China Joe will send said CIA thugs to their doorstep

  2. boostednfit.lrg

    Great catch! They’ve been destroying America since September 1947

  3. calgonaway

    People are so gung ho to be communists because you have the freedom to choose. Wait until communism is all around

  4. soupysue64

    Wow! They just are in our faces with this crap

  5. chompcity777

    They are recruiting communists. People need to snap out of it a realize that these institutions and agencies are being subverted by the enemy.

  6. thollis7

    They straight flaunt it in our faces!

  7. thewave1969

    Cia and fbi are becoming America’s enemies while they get their paychecks funded from our sweat. Sad🖕🏻

  8. kellyc3181

    That should tell you everything you need to know about our intelligence agencies and their intent

  9. dom.a.cirillo

    Only dopey brainwashed Western world wanna-be commies , living it large off govt salaries enjoying the freedoms, liberties & rights of a liberal Western free market democracy could be so dumb & indulgent of such a failed , bankrupt, oppressive & brutal ideology.

  10. werthearchers

    Is that the fisting women symbol 🙈

  11. kimiikimbaa

    Because people adopt the fist as any symbol of power? So it probably is for feminism? Stop reaching there are some real hard evidence for this happening but this isn’t one of them and undermines real validity 🙄

  12. suziqwine

    Declaration of war against American citizens by our own treasonous government

  13. safetydannyc

    Because they don’t hide anymore

  14. cherokeejim21

    Destroying US from within. All alphabet agencies are compromised

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