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  1. getmemarlowe

    Big Pharma f@ckin with Alex by jackin with wifey’s mind altering medications. Damn Alex, don’t let them slip in the back door like that!

  2. abstractagim

    Damn she’s pillow talking with the enemy but little do they know, we will just run your streams up in support

  3. Trumps vax stance the other day threw me off, but he’s not for mandates. There’s a video about him talking about loyalty from years back. If anything, the pro-vax stance was to fry and explode the brains of the pro-vax anti-Trump left.

  4. dansdamnation

    tRuST thE pLAn yOu guYs! — bro, nobody coming to save you. Not Trump, not Q, not Jones. Save yourselves and your friends. Step one: get off instagram and make changes in your local reality.

  5. kimples123

    Lol what’d he do to push the toxic poison? People are so dumb..
    he said everyone should have a Choice and that’s all anybody needs to know🙄🙄

  6. bung6285

    Uh huh yea I should totally vote for the commies now, thanks Ian “the car mauler”

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