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  1. corugbyrealtor

    #orphans #puppies #drfrankenFauci

  2. nataliec14

    #demons #theywillgetwhatscoming 👹

  3. halosinthekitchen

    It’s the slow drip for the Normies. Now wait til they find out what else they do 👀

  4. cindylooowho59

    The sad reality, the death of beagles enrage the left more than the death of children. God help us all…

  5. joniwray

    “whatever it takes to get everyone on board. He needs to go!” Umm anyone else see the irony? That’s how we got to where we are bc the left completely let go of any shred of morals they had left and got Trump out by way of cheating in every way possible.

  6. mamaauntieyaya

    Yep I’ve been screaming it thru the plandemic, he has been killing for decades

  7. truth_and_light2

    Dear God Almighty, please deal with this D£M0N!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. barbarieck

    Everyday his evil behavior is more exposed.

  9. wiltonacker

    Not a coincidence that all these scandals (past works of fauci) are unloading in this October. Truth in the face of people still thinking they can trust fauci, now they are grasping this is not the case.

  10. jojo216415

    God bless these children 🙏🏻💕

  11. kylevaughan_

    Oh it’s going to get BAD. Wow.

  12. tampeno_joe

    half the country literally won’t care, that’s the problem

  13. justthesnackstalkin

    Well we created the aids virus so not surprised by anything that spawn of Satan does anymore 🤦

  14. tiger.shark.17


  15. nob0di_

    His life must be ended along with everyone involved in this there is absolutely No other way

  16. randy_phillips_69

    I have a clip of it it’s really fucking bad

  17. love_ann_life

    Fauci. Q said first arrest will trigger mass population awakening. It has to be him!!

  18. lindahoward9547

    Kids that have already gone through hell,broken homes,abuse. God bless them,and there’s a special place for that evil doer. It should start out with old sparky,a rope necklace,or perhaps like the beagles. Be shire to d bark him first!

  19. calmstormtwo

    @danscavino what more is needed to arrest Fauci and end this game?

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