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1. What do Hugh Heffner, Pam Anderson and Julian Assange have to do with the takedown of the Hollywood sexual predators?

Who needs movies when life is THIS THRILLING?

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@mentions2. Let’s start with Hef, but briefly: Hef started Playboy in 1953, built a successful empire. Like all empires, it came on hard times in 2008, struggled for operations cash. Hef began selling access to his world famous parties.

@mentions3. While his company was not profitable, Hef was sitting on a gold-mine, unknowingly.

We are in the INFORMATION age, right?

Enter “Venture capitalist” Suhail R. Rizvi, the co-founder and “Chief Investment Officer” of Rizvi Traverse Management.

@mentions4. Traverse is a fund management/investment company, and Rizvi “somehow” got in on the ground floor of companies like Twitter, Facebook, Space-X, Cube, etc. (ever wonder how they know what to invest in?)

Stick with me, it gets SO MUCH BETTER

@mentions5. In 2011, Hef cut a deal to “Sell” Playboy to Rizvi Traverse (really, it was buying public stock back). Although, he basically gave Playboy away. He traded the company to Rizvi for a $1M/year salary and the right to live in the mansion until he died.

@mentions7. Rizvi, somehow gets info on what to buy before it goes big (almost as if start-up success is somehow controlled), knows Hef is sitting on a goldmine.

But who is interested in that goldmine, and what exactly, is worth so much money?

@mentions9. If you don’t know, “Prince” Talal is connected to the most horrible shit we know of.

Las Vegas Shootings? Owns top floors of hotel
Hillary Clinton? Donated MILLIONS to her “Foundation”
John McStain? Donated MILLIONS to his “Institute”
Barack Obama? Paid his Harvard education

@mentions10. Talal funds Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism, bribes, $ laundering, extortion, blackmail ops (globalists’ secret muscle).

Know who else belongs to the MB? Huma Abedin (Hillary’s Senior Advisor). Google it, but go to the 3rd or 4th page, first pages are paid propaganda.

@mentions12. They did the traditional Saudi “War Dance” together. If you’re interested, google its meaning, although it’s probably obvious from the name.

@mentions13. Back to Hef and the Playboy Mansion. What is the goldmine that Talal invested in through Rizvi?


Think of what some hidden cameras in the Mansion could do for leverage of the Hollywood elite

@mentions14. For a guy like Talal, it means control of the Hollywood media, the movie industry, and THE NARRATIVE.

Talal and Izri own a few movie companies, and through the Mansion, they own a majority of the moguls too.

@mentions15. So how does this all connect to the OUTING of Weinstein? First, consider what has happened since Weinstein. How many other actors have been outed?

And why out them? What’s the end game for whomever is outing them? Why not just use it to gain control of those moguls?

@mentions16. It’s about destroying the credibility and public worship of Hollywood, which is part of the New Babylon and Hypnotization of our people. Does “Fake News” ring any bells?

This is probably my fav part: Enter PAMELA ANDERSON

@mentions17. Pamela got her start as a Playboy Bunny. Been connected to Hef ever since, very close relationship (in ways us regular folk don’t really understand). Frequent visitor of the Playboy Mansion, although her role there changed over the years.

@mentions18. Speaking of frequent visitors, know who else was a Mansion frequent visitor?


These are the kinds of people that rule over Hollywood. Movies change cultures. Ever wonder why our culture has become so immoral? cbelmira.com/blog/list-all-…

@mentions19. See the value in ruling Hollywood now? See, through idolization and the pedestal of “Stardom”, men can conspire to change culture over time.

By controlling the media, they can paint any fricking picture they want for you to consume.

“FAKE NEWS” Getting it yet?

@mentions20. Back to Pam; how does she play a role in this thing?

July, 2017 (and earlier too) Pam visits the WHITE WIZARD, @JulianAssange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been trapped on fake rape charges (because he leaked all the corruption in the Afghanistan War)

@mentions21. Every photo of her visiting Julian, she has bags or several bags of goodies. I wonder if any of them contained any USB drives full of blackmail footage from the Mansion….hehehehe!!!

They prolly do other stuff too, just sayin’

@mentions22. If you are doubting the possibility that Pam delivered the goods to Julian to be leaked to the right people at the right time, consider this:

Why, of all men, befriend Julian?
What things do you think she experienced in her Hollywood life among predators like Weinstein?

@mentions23. Pam told the press that the reason she was visiting Julian was to “to persuade Assange to back her new foundation, which supports women who are victims of sexual abuse.”


@mentions24. Ok, so why all the sudden release that info?
2011 Muslim Brohood buys PB Mansion
2014 Pam starts visiting JA
JAN- POTUS in office (big reason)
JUL- Visits JA one last time
27 SEP- Hef dies
5 Oct – NYT publishes Weinstein storyDominoes begin to fall on Hwood

@mentions25. The mansion was one of several honey-pots for elite blackmail material.

Blackmail is how they keep each other in line, mouths shut.

Some elite prefer Mansion, some rape kids, some Lucifer (Spirit Cooking), some secret societies, some cannibalism. Guess what folks? ITS REAL

@mentions26. THESE are the people who have been running our country. New Babylon, as the FBI calls it.

Who would have thought Pam Anderson, Hugh Hefner, and Julian Assange would take down Hollywood? I don’t know for sure, but its compelling and probable.

@mentions27. This same tactic is being used in DC right now too. We haven’t figured out the major honeypot for the DC elite yet, but the Lolita Express and Epstein Island are worth investigating.

Conyers, Flake, Franken, etc.

@mentions28. And if you fell for the anti-Assange/wikileaks narrative like I did, which was wrought upon us from HOLLYWOOD, the MSM, the globalists, reconsider.

Think of all the corruption, graft, bribery WE THE PEOPLE wouldn’t know about without him

@mentions29. Finally, he things hapennign around the world right now are not random.

Why would a branded billionaire businessman, father, hotel chains, etc. risk everything to be POTUS?

HE LOVES AMERICA. We’ve all forgotten what a leader is supposed to do when that is their motivation

@mentionsAlso, think about why none of these guys have DENIED the allegations.

Why? They’ve probably seen the goods and know it will come out.

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