This news comes February 4, or 4/2, like 42. Next Sunday will be the 42nd day of the year, and Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s son will be attempting to improve the Chiefs to 4-2 in Super Bowls. Of course, every black QB to win the Super Bowl has had a “mega 42” ritual in the big game. That list includes Doug Williams, who has the same birthday as Patrick Mahomes Sr., August 9, Russell Wilson, who represented the 42nd state, and Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 42 passes in his first Super Bowl win over the 49ers, and won against last year over the Eagles in 42 land, Arizona.

Keep in mind today can be written 2/4 as well, and Missouri is the 24th state, and the Chiefs are playing for their 24th playoff win in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Mahomes is also playing for his 89th career win, the 24th prime, a number similar to his father’s 8/9 birthday.

This ritual comes 179 days after August 9, 2023, the 41st prime. *Super Bowl=41

Keep in mind Patrick Mahomes Jr.’s birthday is September 17, or 17/9 (same as the NFL).


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