Philip Anderson, a free speech rally leader, punched by counter protester and pushed back into barricaded area at UN Plaza in SF. Rally has not started yet.


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  1. luckynoeleven

    Are these white leftists attacking a black conservative? 😡

  2. phoenix_edits_and_journalism

    Let me guess. The counter protesters are blm and antifa

  3. sympleman88

    Once again the cops stand there and do NOTHING but keep backing the blue amirite? 🤡

  4. 01halfmoon10

    This us how Nazi Germany did their work. They made you think someone you don’t even know was the enemy. Trade the lable jew to conservative. These people are infuckingsane. And they call Trump supporters “fascist” and full of hate. We live in a time of great insanity. 😐

  5. drew.bags

    His account is @teamsaveamerica show him love and support

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