Photo 1: Democrat Party Campaign Political Poster, 1869
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Photo 2: Photo Title: “First Colored Senator and Representatives in the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States.”
(Left to right)
Senator Hiram Revels of Mississippi, Representatives Benjamin Turner of Alabama, Robert DeLarge of South Carolina, Josiah Walls of Florida, Jefferson Long of Georgia, Joseph Rainey and Robert B. Elliot of South Carolina.
The Democrats formed the KKK in 1865 to terrorize them. The KKK and the Democratic Party sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the south, especially by using violence against African American leaders. There was no “party switch,” something the modern left wing likes to claim in order to disguise their history of violence toward African Americans.
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Photo 3: Political advertisement supporting General George B. McClellan’s Democratic presidential campaign, the 1864 opposition to Abraham Lincoln’s Republican campaign. On the proper left half the following is printed in black ink, in varying fonts and type sizes: “ELECT / LINCOLN / and the / BLACK REPUBLICAN TICKET / You will bring on NEGRO EQUALITY, more / DEBT, HARDER TIMES, another / DRAFT! / Universal Anarchy, and Ultimate / RUIN!” The right half reads: “ELECT / McCLELLAN / AND THE WHOLE / Democratic Ticket / You will defeat NEGRO EQUALITY, / restore Prosperity, re-establish the / UNION! / In an Honorable, Permanent, and Happy / PEACE!” On the reverse side are some faint handwritten tabulations, and the words, “Lewis Bro.” written several times, and the word “Ball” is written twice. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum

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  1. mrjaminal

    They still don’t get it.
    The Democrat Party’s goal never changed.
    Their tactics did.

  2. marcysnapp

    Another fun fact…MLK Sr. was a Republican! MLK Jr. reportedly was registered as a Republican but voted for the man, not the party. He claimed Independent status.

  3. Even Malcolm X said the most dangerous thing to the black community was the “white liberal” 😮

  4. So crazy how everything they are accusing conservatives of is the very thing they actually are.

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