Notice the Nazis, modeled after the Jesuits, have their origins in February 24 as well

The calendar was adopted on the 337th day of Christopher Clavius’ age (68th prime).

It was also adopted on 2/24. *The Society of Jesus=224

*Helios=68 & 94 (Greek name for sun)
*Aloysius Lilius=94
*Roman Catholic Church=94

From February 24, 1582, to October 15, 1582, was 233-days later (51st prime, 13th Fibonacci number).

England did not adopt the calendar until September of 1752, and the days September 3 through 13 were skipped to align calendars.

Of course, the Gregorian calendar is a solar based calendar, the Catholic Church began as a sun cult, and the sun never sets on Britain.

Let us not overlook that 1752 was 24-years before the United States and Illuminati were established.
The Sun=24 (24 hours in a day) *Rome=24

As for who was in Charge of England when the calendar was recognized, it was George, and he recognized the Calendar September 2, 57 days before his November 9 birthday.
George=57, England=57, Rome=57

It goes with George Washington becoming President in 1789, the year he turned 57. It was also the year Georgetown was established by the Catholics (Jesuits).
Georgetown=57 *Scottish Rite=57

The 57 also connects with the partner of the sun. *Moon=57

You could say it was a span of 58 days as well.
Gregorian=58, Calendar=58, Zodiac=58, Star=58, Stars=58

Also noteworthy, the calendar was adopted 12 years into the reign of Pope Bendedict XIV, going with the calendar being a 12 month system.

Keep in mind England recognized the conversion in September, what is the ninth month on the Gregorian calendar, and nine is completion in numerology.


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