President Trump KNEW they were going to cheat.


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  1. meteorologist_brickwalls

    President Trump is a genius. The things he said in this debate is all making sense now. Just wait until people find out what really happened on 9/11 because President Trump knew from the day the attacks happened that something was off. Our government is evil, disgusting, corrupt and vile.

  2. bblicious247

    Damn, miss Trumps moments of quick, pointed, transparent points.

  3. just__jack64

    He knew exactly what they would do

  4. brandi_dash.h

    He said we wont know the winner “for months” …. its all lining up

  5. roninphotos

    Now find a clip of Joe speaking for so long coherently. Good luck 😂

  6. daisyjones175

    Loved how he threw the Logan Act statement at him!❤️

  7. shannz5

    Bidan looked so weak during this exchange and looks even weaker now! Smh

  8. jackietabor

    He knew all this was going to happen. What a hero.

  9. just_a_ray_of_sunshine

    He knew and he told them and they still cheated. Bastards

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