Protect your children’s minds from critical race theory. The public school system has been infiltrated and they’re teaching your children to hate themselves and everyone else. Home School is the way. Take your power back frens.


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  1. raven.ofthe.moon

    I love them! Such a sweet beautiful family!💕Thanks🙏for sharing such a powerful Kingdom👑message fren!
    A. Y. L. A

  2. caloundrahydroponicscomau


  3. anna_wintour_verified


  4. erinkruse

    This is how most kids do think! She is the sweetest cutest little girl.

  5. christinecoppola64

    Ok I’m weeping …so precious ❤️

  6. getbizzyliving

    Tiktok banned this video. Tells you what you need to know.

  7. 2carrollkids

    This gave me all the feels 💖….the innocence shines through her beautiful eyes and smile. And when she ended it with, “We pray for people who are hurt.”….that’s how you know she is being raised by loving parents who are teaching her about healthy relationships and how to be a good person. #oneracehumanrace #LoveThyNeighbor

  8. music_nerd_90

    Does anybody know who this is? I want to follow him!

  9. girasolleh

    Omgosh she is precious and daddy you frikkin rock!

  10. casa_calabrese

    I love this so much! Thank you for being such good humans. Your post made my day 🥰🙏

  11. whitneyadamsmathes

    That’s a good daddy there – making sure his baby doesn’t ingest the garbage of CRT.

  12. nicholemitchell001

    Awe!!! My son is the same age as that sweet little girl. I am crying right now because why can’t our children just be innocent before the freaking world starts to try and corrupt them?? They have their whole adult life to see how this world really is. It breaks my heart.

  13. clippertim1989

    cutest sweetest child ever! This is how a child should be raised.

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