Pushin 🅿️rince

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  1. donna_gayle_reed_ramirez

    Nothing is coincidence

  2. amy.g.maher

    And who’s going to strip the queen of all her BS authorities due to her crimes against humanity?? 🤔

  3. ricky_still6ft3

    Tupac and JFK jr lol sounds like a good time,

  4. cgabrielqbl

    Could be a show for the papers…he needs to face criminal charges, I don’t care about his military honors…

  5. mariog831

    Dude…you’re so good at decoding all these coms. It blows me away, all of it matches over like a puzzle being built.🤯🧩

  6. cravenwelding

    Is Tupac really going to be there?

  7. mshallal321

    Hold up, Tupac and JFK? That’s gonna be a hell of a rally man😂

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