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On March 17, Mr Wengui Guo revealed in Gettr’s live broadcast that Putin is likely to find a stepping stone to stop invading Ukraine, and that the US and Europe may offer Putin promises which lead to a turnaround in the Russia-Ukraine war, and said that Xi Jinping is poised to prepare for a big move after the covid-19 vaccine disaster.

The most fundamental contest of the Russian-Ukrainian war lies in comprehensive strength, reflected in a country’s economy, technology, rule of law and perception of the world. Of course, the economy comes first, and technology is the core. The real challenge of the Russia-Ukraine war is that no one really cares about Ukrainian casualties; Western politicians care about their countries’ finances and economies, and autocratic dictators care about the power in their hands. Following these principles, there are 3 things that can never happen in the war: 1. Putin surrenders; 2. Putin strikes back at the Chinese Communist Party; 3. Putin uses nuclear weapons.

Now Putin and Xi Jinping are warming each other up, comforting each other and talking on the phone as often as 2-3 times a day because they both can’t let go of two things – their families and power. Putin can’t let go of his girlfriend Irina and the kids, Alina and the kids, and his own daughter. Xi Jinping could not let go of his “dragon seed” and “phoenix seed” that he could not tell the world about, his mother and brother. Unfortunately, the way they try to survive is to sacrifice Ukraine, at the expense of kidnapping and sacrificing the Russian and Chinese people. They seek to destroy the world in exchange for the family’s eternal power and wealth.

Today, one of the most central figures influencing Putin to wage war is Putin’s teacher, Valik, who is also Putin’s intellectual and spiritual mentor. Valik recently told Putin, “If go further, it’s all over, find a step down.” So it is possible that Putin will pull back and find a step down. But the Russia-Ukraine war has changed the political landscape of the world forever, and there will be no more Russia. It is reported that the US and Europe are likely to offer Putin a very big promise to unblock all of Putin’s personal assets and guarantee Putin’s personal safety as long as he reaches a settlement. Moreover, Putin has made serious efforts to bring his girlfriend and sons back to Russia, and these dictators value their sons.

However, regardless of the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war, Xi will definitely choose to attack Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party wants to use this war to bring down the United States. Of course, Xi Jinping is also under enormous internal pressure. In order not to be taken down by Zeng Qinghong, Han Zheng and the Shanghai gang, he must arrest and sentence Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Han Zheng and Zeng Qinghong. But the counter-attack from the other side was also fierce, and no one could predict the final outcome. When Xi Jinping changes his clothes and takes a shower every night, someone may put a gun in his back. Someone may take advantage of Xi’s twice-weekly body check-ups to let off poison.

The calculations of Xi and Wang Huning are that refugees in Europe will breed all kinds of revolutions to mess up Europe; that the “Belt and Road” will be inserted into Europe to export excess production capacity such as cement and steel; that the sea and land oil and logistics corridors will be opened up to complete the internationalization of the RMB; and that the Russian-Ukrainian war Adding to the woes of supply chains that have ravaged the world from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most importantly, the use of the New Crown vaccine could knock the mighty United States to the ground, Xi Jinping is convinced of this. The New Crown vaccine disaster would break out in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America and other countries. Not only would large numbers of Americans die from the New Crown vaccine, but most of the people from other neighboring countries would flee to the US, creating a refugee crisis.

Xi Jinping is waiting for this moment to come, and he believes that the new vaccine crisis will slowly fester in March and April, with a major outbreak no later than May. By then, it will also be time for Xi to launch his general attack.

What is certain is that the day Xi Jinping attacks Taiwan will be the day of his demise, or he will be taken out from within the Communist Party before he starts the fight, which is a foregone conclusion.


Putin may find a step to stop the invasion of Ukraine, Xi Jinping is sullen to attack Taiwan

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