SWIPE<<<< Slide 5 @lala.beamz

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  1. itake_napzzz

    Mmmm she thiccc tho with 3 C’s. 🤤🤣

  2. riseofthefrogz

    Used to see him at my old office from time to time. Can’t say I’m surprised

  3. saint_matamoros

    crip instinct..was not to like him IuLz 😂😂😂

  4. weedrecommend

    Slide 7 – is an Aphex Twin track. It might be Film or On. Nobody asked for this info. You’re welcome 😄

  5. mean.surphy88

    Mm she wanted the money…. Look at her. If he beat her and did some shit different story. Sounds like she got the gold she wanted…..

  6. a12pd

    Does it concern no one that they can seize 7mill with the press of a button from just an “accusation”. Imagine they seized all the duke players money then they aquitted and found not guilty….do they just give your money back?

  7. j1ll1bean61

    I hope she puts the money to good use and hires a wardrobe consultant… what she has on is in no shape form or fashion close to being an OOTD

  8. pantera_b3rb

    😢 that feel when a fren plays aphex twin 😭❤❤

  9. the.last.fl.native

    That apex twin album is 🔥

  10. tamelessmusic

    He had ZERO skill and ZERO talent. Good fucking riddance

  11. rmp1505

    Yeah we should believe all women all the time no matter what. They would never lie especially if money is on the line. Women are 100% innocent all the time, they never mean to put themselves into these situations on purpose. I learned that from Stormy Daniel’s.

  12. kittygoth.keeva2

    He looks like a pervert, tbh.

  13. train_mog_official

    Her butt is bigger and faker than the actor that’s pretending to be Joe Biden 😂

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