*Rambo enters the chat*

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  1. garbaggiosrevenge

    Lol anyone who made the last 2 Rambo movies is no Cuck

  2. vlakebargas

    “Is that right Rambo…all right, get your stupid fucklng rope”

  3. jjjewels4

    Rambo enters in and Morgan freeman exits out!

    This does not disappoint ❤️👏

  4. 3kwp82

    He should be good for around 336 kills when this thing kicks off 😂

  5. ikigaisaga

    Always knew Sly was my favorite for a reason

  6. berto_the_groyper

    “There are no friendly civilians!”

  7. mangodabn

    I seen another post saying he was executed

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*Rambo enters the chat*