Rand Paul destroys Fauci. Again.


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  1. vicizfunny

    I saw this on Occupy’s page as Fauci destroys Rand Paul. Gotta love those captions! 🙌

  2. lyfsavor69

    Fraudci is in full panic & doublespeak mode, he’s a lying sack of sh!te.

  3. lyfsavor69

    Fauci also said that HIV could be transmitted by “casual contact” back in the 1983 during the AIDS outbreak. He had everyone scared to take care of or even live around AIDS patients.

  4. calnevgurl

    Please make this nightmare end!!!! Evil doers go away 🙏🙏🙏

  5. phriendlyantelope

    The media uses the “you have no idea what you’re talking about” quote to try and make people believe fauci made him look stupid.. but if you listen to the actual debate, Paul lists fact after fact and clearly demonstrates by fauci’s own definition, he had funded what was gain of function research in its most explicit and apparent form. Yet fauci kept ignoring these facts to talk about the implication that they were responsible for covid.. which had nothing to do with the actual topic.

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