Read about Joe Rogan’s February 20, 2024 prediction about Gavin Newsom representing the Democratic Party in the 2024 election here. It had a lot to do with 133. Now, we have the Kentucky Senator getting involved in the shenanigans.
President=110 & 133

This news also comes on the 52nd day of the year, & a date with 47 numerology.
President=52 & 47

Also, like Donald Trump, Gavin Newsom has a connection to the 60th US Presidential Election.
Gavin Christopher Newsom=281 (60th prime)
Donald Trump=60

Keep in mind both men are Jesuit educated, and the election is on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56 days in the year.
Gavin Newsom=56
Society of Jesus=56


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