Remember when I posted this a few months ago and you argued with me Pepperidge farms remembers

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  1. patron5406

    I member that lmfaooo get em Graff

  2. rfarian

    when do the audit results come out graff

  3. mrwakeyouup

    When do you think he will be reinstated ? I can only believe one thing and that’s some time next year..

  4. zachamania

    😂 Yeah definitely not happening.. they couldn’t even impeach him. TWICE 😂😂

  5. mzjillgrower

    He will not be arrested but I bet he will be back in the White House in August

  6. mr.informationofficial

    It was literally announced that Cy has JACK SHIT and won’t be pressing forward – I posted the clip if anyone wants to see it so they can stop dooming

  7. pentagonbob

    Tisk tisk tisk. It’s not time to eat our own yet.

  8. joejp1212

    This is why we are still waiting. Moronic sheeple are still asleep!

  9. roundtwoig

    Yeah I can’t believe people believed he would be arrested. The DS is so desperate rn. They have nothing and will never have anything. It’s all an attempt to discourage and blackpill. So sad many fall for it.

  10. thrudatlookinglass

    This is STILL a…. Never mind 😂😂😂

  11. jillbloomer

    BuT tHe FiRsT ArReSt WiLl ShOcK….oh shut up 🤐

  12. sawdustandsmoke1

    The black pillers are getting loud again.

  13. allamericanspitfire

    Manhattan DA announced no charges against Trump

  14. rainierblueyes

    Desperate. Pure desperation at this point. Trump won and is still called President of the United States. Well he’s President of the Republic of the United States. 1776. Biden is playing out a fake role in the dissolved corporation of the United States. Democrats are a failure to this country and many Republicans too

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Remember when I posted this a few months ago and you argued with me Pepperidge f