Reminder: The United States Supreme Court has scheduled the Pennsylvania election case, Sidney’s Michigan election case, and the Wood v Georgia election case for its February 19 conference.

All of these cases will be heard in seriatim, on the same day.

That’s pretty wild.

They might dismiss them all at once, or not


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I’m very curious to see what happens.



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  1. jvandy73

    Now we’re gonna see if the court works for us or China

  2. chapmansfort20

    They will fail us. It’s how the military will have authority. All judicial and legislative roads were exhibited. Just prepare

  3. tysonguy18

    My guess is they will either dismiss them or say they’ll hear them in nine months. Either way military will have an obligation to the constitution to step in.

  4. oh_shithereitcomes

    Our Supreme Court is filthy dirty and they will dismiss all cases

  5. libster_marie_23

    Can the SC O TUS be trusted? The pain in my stomach says no 😳

  6. carsemb.daily

    I think about Trump saying (during his January 6th speech) something along the lines of *who knows..maybe the Supreme Court will end up helping us out,* and I wonder if he knew something then. I guess if they don’t take any of these cases, we know FOR SURE that military is the only way.

  7. hisnamewasjeffreyepstein

    Those states give Trump enough electoral votes and would also flip the senate. Just sayin

  8. elizabethlorrie

    I also hear that if they do take the cases, it will be at least October before it’s on the docket

  9. freepenguins

    Wonder why they are keeping the security in place? 🤔

  10. charlesfalk1

    Of course They will dismiss. Military steps in as legal remedy allowed to play out. Giddy up

  11. jl_lxxii

    Prob gonna dismiss it, but who knows until it happens 🙇🏻‍♂️

  12. prettygurlswag312

    This is exciting news 📰 you give such great information ❤️

  13. danielleschager

    “Docket Proceedings (45)” – 45 🤔🤷‍♀️

  14. neopheenix

    I love the optimism of all you shitheads, how about being positive for once and focus on what you want to see instead of whinjng like a binch of bitches, after all the shot these lawyers have been put though teying to bring this forward, the least ya’ll can do is f*#king pray for a miracle and their safety.

  15. shadelcassian66

    Wonder when we will hear what they’re doing?

  16. soulsearching123

    I bet they all get dismissed. If they were serious, they wldve heard these cases before Inauguration

  17. bennoble2546

    Maybe they have seen what Joe Biden is going to do

  18. generalissimo_itmo

    I think the plan is bigger than SCOTUS, bigger than all the compromised institutions combined…. I’m all manner of optimistic- I just don’t think it’s going to be through this doorway. We shall see!

  19. jamesmjohnson1971

    I’ll take my nothing burger medium rare.

  20. liljrioux

    Compromised!! They will dismiss, and or cite Precedent!! This is going no where. God, I hope I’m wrong! 😢

  21. lynsey_argota_rd

    Is it crazy that I use these dates to make sure my fridge/pantry are fully stocked in preparation for riots?

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Reminder: The United States Supreme Court has scheduled the Pennsylvania electio