Right before he testifies ooof

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  1. indiscriminatethoughts

    How do we scream about shit for TWO YEARS abs they nonchalantly release the same MF info we’ve been crying about NOW. I hate them. Seriously. We deserve some kind of compensation for enduring this bullshit. Nobody talks about us. It’s “oh the poor brain dead” or “oh the poor poor people that got vaxxed and duped” yeah it hurts me too which is precisely WHY I’ve been doing this shit. But nobody gives a rats ass about us we are just “crazy conspiracy theorists” most people I know who are fully understand the spell of stupidity, are college educated!!!!!! So they think they’re superior cause I been rejected the system since 1980!!!!!!! Anyway sorry for the rant on your post Graff. ✌🏼

  2. cldfmartins

    He has been under oath and he has lied but no one can’t touch him apparently…

  3. tysonguy18

    I guess that’s good for them to release things that we knew a year ago that were released

  4. ceeeeeeeeeelo


  5. christianskaters_pa

    🙏♥️✝️Lord expose it all to the masses bring forth his trial !

  6. stephenhartmann

    Let him dig his grave. His intentional negligence has caused people to die.

  7. nickie_pedia

    “They won’t be able to walk the streets!” Keeping playing in my mind🤔🤔

  8. superionbaine

    And what will become of all this? Yeah that’s what I thought. NOTHING. Just more talk. Creeps like him are above the law.

  9. bruce_gorney

    He’s protected by the very same people trying to destroy the world and bring about the new world order

  10. eli.the.cavoodle

    Everyone knows he was involved but what good is it knowing when nothing gets done even with evidence

  11. c.michener

    He cried like a baby when Rand Paul spoke to him. Telling the chair woman that Rand is making him out to be a Murderer and he’s getting death threats. Fauci still deflected, gaslighted and Still would not take responsibility.

  12. stacyeyler

    I seriously don’t know why this is taken two years

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