Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that he was sending another $800 million in US weapons to Ukraine. This is on top of the hundreds of millions in weapons already pledged to the country.

Joe Biden Says Putin Is Committing Genocide and “Trying to Wipe Out the Idea of Being Ukrainian” — Then Sends Another $800 Million in US Weapons to Ukraine

On Saturday The Washington Post reported on a leaked document from Biden administration. The diplomatic note was sent by Russia. In the note, Russia claimed that US and NATO shipments of weapons to Ukraine could bring “unpredictable consequences.”

AFP reported:

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Russia has formally complained to the United States over its military aid to Ukraine, warning of “unpredictable consequences” if shipments of advanced weaponry go forward, US media reported.

In a diplomatic note this week, Moscow warned the United States and NATO against sending the “most sensitive” weapons for Kyiv to use in the conflict with Russia, saying such shipments were “adding fuel” to the situation and could come with “unpredictable consequences,” the Washington Post reported.

The warning came the same week that US President Joe Biden pledged a new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, including helicopters, howitzers and armored personnel carriers.

“What the Russians are telling us privately is precisely what we’ve been telling the world publicly — that the massive amount of assistance that we’ve been providing our Ukrainian partners is proving extraordinarily effective,” the Post quoted a senior administration official — who spoke on condition of anonymity about the note — as saying.


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