S H A D O W · P R E S I D E N T
Orchestrating America’s
very own Color Revolution then ushering in a Satanic Communist takedown of our Nation.

>>Spurred on by Jarrett and Michelle, the ex-president has come to embrace his role as the leader of the opposition against Trump, whose policies he loathes and whose presidency he considers illegitimate.

‘He is going to use his immense popularity with the half of the country that identifies as liberals and progressives,’ said the Obama family source. ‘Millions of Americans are energized and ready to take to the streets to oppose Trump, but they need to be organized and have their anger focused and directed.



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  1. penguin_dad

    Wasn’t he groomed on the “farm” by Bush Sr.?

  2. mvd207

    I hate that morherfukker and all of his commie child fucking buddies with everything I have.

  3. hooley_g

    Obama literally said he wanted to run a third term by basically having someone run to be his frontman…he we are folks! Great job!

  4. mikey_lyxzit

    Oh what happened to the military having power ?

  5. paulwatson700

    Call up the patriots! We’re ready!

  6. beverly.mccoy.100

    Yes, he is!! Can’t hardly wait!

  7. smeachh

    He really makes a better woman than Michelle

  8. nic_passalacqua

    The fact that you know this leads me to believe that higher power definitely knows this and yet here we are… 🤷‍♂️

  9. llbench

    The last slide is not him behind big mike look at the difference in his nose. In the interview his nose looks smaller & nostrils smaller

  10. he_isable4.0

    Whos the linebacker rowing in front of Barry

  11. shadelcassian66

    Let’s all stop working and go onto unemployment or disability then these people won’t have any money.

  12. beaww0llf17

    Soooooo…..insurgency was cool when ovama did it . The hypocrisy 😂

  13. terrynash929

    Lots more swamp bullshit. TILL THE HAMMER DROPS

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