Satanic Portland
Voodoo Donuts

Satanic Portland
Voodoo Donuts

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  1. bpglass94

    The map is outdated. The pizza place is called pizza slut which is inside a bar called Dante’s which is connected to a strip club and voodoo is now down the street on the corner which is connected to underground tunnels.

  2. mireya.sage

    And Billy Graham’s son has proudly taken pics at that shithole. It all connects 🤮🤬

  3. g_m_2020_

    Yeah I’ve seen that guy around. He likes to stare at little children. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

  4. teachersue18

    This shit runs deeper and wider than anyone can imagine. It looks like half the world is involved and will be going down!

  5. npcsoopavillain

    Shanghai tunnels are very real and the Shanghai tunnel bar is right behind vd donut. Ghost adventures did an episode on the Shanghai tunnels that run all underneath Portland.

  6. yourgirl_75

    Google Dante’s where the pizza place is connected to .. If you’re ever in Portland walk by there, it’s the most disgusting place EVER !!!

  7. sarahstras88

    Not surprised. The donuts are shit 🤮 nothing like stale cereal and shitty tasting frosting. Shitty donuts with shitty people.

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