she’s about to talk a lot more that means

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  1. blizzyblackpatriot

    I dont be feelin like britney shit half the days ,😂😂😂😂like wtf just say it regular instead of riddles

  2. mkmk2

    This post isn’t going to help normies wake up .. “ it’s wicked in the way it’s wicked strong “ makes it look like , to a normie Bea is good …. 😑 if people are already having issues seeing what’s happening this will confuse them even more I’m afraid.

  3. redpilleddre

    man somebody please explain to me what she is talking about and why she mentioning Beyonce witch ass

  4. mkmk2

    I’m like whoaaa about this post … but then she saids B tounge being “strong “… Normies aren’t going to get it.

  5. paidinxrp

    Talk? She about to start singing 🗣

  6. mkmk2

    And I’m not dooming … just wishing she left out the part about Bae tongue being wicked good … 😉

  7. juice_gotbarz

    She calling out Beyoncé’s wicked tongue we know she a serpent that evil b**ch this is getting spicy 🥵

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